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Why Choose Omega Legacy Group

Negotiating lower prices can be time consuming and labor intensive for the Independent Pharmacy. With our group, you save time and benefit immediately from our already negotiated lowered costs.

Our hundreds of members gain immediate access to special and exclusive contracted pricing from top tier vendors and manufacturers,which allow us to deliver savings across all categories. In addition to offering exceptional customer care service and technical solutions.

Omega legacy Group is proud to support the Independent Pharmacy. We strive to provide our member stores with access to all solutions they need to succeed in today's market place.

Group purchasing allows entirely Independent Pharmacies to capitalize on their combined strength and power to obtain the best brand and generic prices in the market.

We are passionate to see our communities Independent Pharmacies succeed. Omega Legacy Group is more than just a buying group, all our efforts for fast growing our membership numbers and associates is the perfect example behind the philosphy "There is strength in numbers"

Our extensive membership base allows Omega Legacy Group to command the most competitive pricing from wholesaler, vendor, services and programs.

we understand that to get the most aggressive deals from wholesalers and distributors, you need more than just a buyer's perspective.

Our organization has the know how and the knowledge to benefit Independent Pharmacy owners by bringing together the best and most qualified staff, who have decades of combined strong and solid wholesaler and retail experience. We put these skills and knowledge to work for you to lower your cost and increase your customer base.

We provide special promotions to our members. These promotions offer additional discounts, rebates, or volume incentives that provide additional savings beyond our regular contract prices.

At Omega Legacy Group we aim to work closely with all our potential, new and existing members to deliver cost savings and exceptional service.

Our efforts are firmly focused on delivering what your pharmacy needs, and we cooperate closely with our members to work out a package of services that fits perfectly.

Our dedicated team of professional member account representatives provide a single point of contact for all your concerns, addressing them in the timeliest manner. We are your advocates, our main focus is helping you grow your business and increase your profits.

Multiply your buying power.

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Attract new customers

Enhance customer retail experience

Save time and money

Expand your business

We work for you